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Hot Tubs

Soothe away the worries of everyday life in the relaxing warm water of your very own luxury Hot Tub. For your own oasis of calm, why not enjoy the numerous benefits of a hot tub at your property. A luxurious soak will encourage a deep, restful sleep and bring your mind and body into a more relaxed state.

We have been supplying, installing and maintaining hot tubs for the last three decades. As one of the South Wests leading installers we cover Torquay (where we are based) and Torbay, as well as Plymouth, Exeter, Cornwall and surrounding areas. We are also exclusive Jacuzzi brand hot tub dealers for the Devon region - so when you want the best there's no need to look elsewhere. Our selection of hot tubs mean we can provide the best on the market with an unrivaled aftercare service.


So, hot tubs are great for your health!  Studies show that immersing in swirling hot tub water on a regular basis can alleviate back pain, muscle strains, sprains and other injuries. With toxins neutralised, it is believed that there is an increase in blood flow and circulation and that symptoms of arthritis can be reduced. Indeed, bathing can reduce blood sugar levels for Type 2 diabetics.
Increasingly, evidence suggests that hydrotherapy is not only fun, but extremely beneficial for you too!

As specialist hot tub installers committed to providing you with the best possible service, we strongly recommend Jacuzzi, Beachcomber and Caldera hot tubs for quality, reliability and choice:


  • Showroom models
  • Premier suppliers of Beachcomber & Jacuzzi hot tubs in the South West
  • Handcrafted tubs
  • Two year guarantee on parts & labour (on the Beachcomber range)
  • Advanced Technology – for superb energy efficiency and minimal running costs
  • Thick vinyl shell 25 year guarantee for peace of mind and superb insulation (on the Beachcomber range)
  • Moulded maintenance-free handrailsno leaks, rusting or discolouration
  • Gravity floor drain easy, total drainage
  • Large footwell plenty of space for optimum comfort
  • Digital control panel – easy to use control panel

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