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Block & Liner Swimming Pools

This pool uses conventional flat laid blocks to form the structure which when rendered can be finished with one of two types of lining. Both linings are based on the use of a PVC material.

One type known as a bag liner is factory made to the dimensions of the pool and fitted by the pool contractor.

The other type of material is of a more robust construction and is made to fit the pool on site using a welding system perfected over many years. Knowing which type of pool will suit your needs will depend on many factors which we can discuss with you.

Traditional block and liner swimming pools have been a standard for us over the years. In-ground block built swimming pools can be built for you or supplied as a kit to any specification.
For this service, we meet with you on site to find out exactly what you want from your swimming pool.  The options are several:

  • Wide range of colours and patterns
  • Easy to maintain and hygienic
  • Underwater lighting
  • Electric control panel
  • Roman end steps
  • Stainless steel ladder
  • Chemicals
  • Maintenance kit
  • Pool surface mini fountain jets
  • Automatic safety cover

Price Guide: £20,000 upwards (installed)