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Polymer Swimming Pools

These innovative DIY plastic panel swimming pools really do set the standard for the future of pool builds. Simple, affordable and built to last.
The Polymer swimming pool system can be tailored to your design requirements from a classic rectangular swimming pool to more unusual freeform shapes including oval, kidney and a lazy ‘L’ design. 

During construction of the swimming pool walls, buttresses are installed behind the panels to provide additional support and tie the whole structure together. The Polymer panel system is the strongest panel pool on the market.

Not only is a Polymer swimming pool strong, clean, and easy to install but quick too, with the walls of a 24’ x 12’ pool taking just a matter of hours to assemble.

Price range:
£4,500 DIY kit (20’ x 10’ x 42” Hopper)
£14,500 DIY kit (40’ x 20’ x 42” Hopper)